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Ignition Interlock Driver License

Mandatory interlock driving license is applicable to the following:

  • Repeat drink driving offenders
  • First time 0.15 blood alcohol concentration offenders

The duration for having a mandatory interlock is 6 months before license is restored. However, the license restoration is not automatic because the driver would still need to seek the approval of the court to have the interlock removed and lift the disqualification.

Furthermore, how the driver fared during the time the alcohol interlock was in his ignition will be included in the evaluation by the court.

Voluntary interlock condition is an alternative that drink driving offenders may opt for instead of a license disqualification. The voluntary interlock may be applied for by persons convicted of drink driving offences. Furthermore, the penalty of paying fines may be waived to offset the installation costs of the interlock. Prior to removing the interlock the performance of the offender will still be evaluated.

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