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What is the Skipper Program?

The Skipper Program is a creation of the Western Australia government as part of its campaign to curb the rise of alcohol related driving accidents, deaths and injuries. Participating members are drinking establishments and drivers.

Under this program, a person, called a skipper, will be acting as the designated driver of his friends who will be drinking. Skippers will be rewarded with free soft drinks by the member commercial establishment.

In making plans for a night of partying with alcoholic drinks, find out if the venue is a participant to the program. If it is, all that volunteer drivers have to do is introduce themselves to the bar staff and tell them that they will be acting as skippers for their friends who will be drinking. The wrists of skippers will then be attached with a wrist tag which they only then need to show to the bar staff to get free soft drinks for the entire night.  

There are other benefits to being a member of the Skipper Program. One advantage is that you won’t have to take the booze bus after a night of guzzling booze. You can spend a night of drinking without worrying about your car since you can arrange to have it dropped off to your residence. A member can also arrange to be fetched where he is so that he would not have to bring his car with him for a night out. You can enjoy without having to constantly count how many drinks you’ve had.

The greatest reward of the program is the member’s safety. It is a way of ensuring that he will get home safe and sound despite being very drunk. This also means a good night’s sleep for the wives, partners, and family members waiting at home. No more staying up late worrying.

Think of the skipper program as a form of insurance or a sound investment. Membership fees and costs are payable through credit card. As for the establishments, the costs are tax deductible.

Aside from the strict enforcement of drink driving laws with heavy penalties, the government also thought of applying the program as a driver intervention. Rather than stopping drinking altogether, the government thought of a way to allow a person to drink but not be a danger to himself and to the community. It is an ingenuous idea turned reality. For those interested to become members, just contact the Office of Road Safety.

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