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Homicide Offences WA

Homicide offences are thought of as the most severe crimes under law.

Those charged with a homicide offence receive the heaviest penalties, and so it is extremely important to seek legal representation if you have been charged with an offence under this category.

The seriousness of homicide crimes are arranged on a sliding scale from involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder. The degree of seriousness or blameworthiness of a homicide is based upon particular aspects of the crime, such as whether or not the homicide was intentional, if it was premeditated or if the perpetrator had soundness of mind at the time of the offence. Recklessness, criminal negligence and disregard for life are determining factors in the sentencing of an involuntary manslaughter charge.

Manslaughter is the third most serious homicide offence under the Code. It is defined under the Code as the unlawful killing of a person in a way that does not constitute the crime of murder or willful murder and the maximum penalty is 20 years imprisonment. On the other hand, both willful murder and murder have this mandatory sentence of life imprisonment as a penalty. 

This article provides basic information only and is not a substitute for a professional or legal advice. Being involved in the criminal or police process can be quite demanding, rigorous, and time consuming. Hiring the right criminal lawyers can often make a substantial difference in your case.

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