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The Law Relating to the Possession and Use of Firearms and Weapons in WA

What is the code of conduct?

The code of conduct has been in operation in WA since 3rd January 2011. All people who have an existing firearms licence and all new applicants must endorse a copy of the code of conduct with their signature. A copy of the endorsement must then be sent to the Security Division of the state’s Licensing Services.

Requirement for a Firearm or Baton Endorsement

Security officers employed in the state must have a specific endorsement to enable them to carry batons or any other type of firearm if they are required to do so as part of their licensed activities. They cannot carry such weapons without such an endorsement. The conditions under which such an endorsement may be give are specified under Section 24 of the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act. Sections 25 and 26 of the same Act specify the sorts of activities which are permitted if endorsements for a firearms or baton permit are applied for.

Requirement to Notify a Change of Address

The police must be notified of any change of address of a firearms or weapons licence holder within two weeks of the change. Details to be submitted include date of birth, past and present addresses as well as licence number.

Why Fingerprints and Palm Prints and Proof of Age and Identity are Important

It is a requirement that any licence holder must have had their fingerprints and palm prints taken by the WA police. This must happen if an endorsement has been applied for or a licence renewal is requested, especially if previous prints have already been destroyed at some point because that was requested by the licence holder.

A firearms licence or endorsement for a firearm or baton will not be issued if an applicant refuses to supply their fingerprints or palm prints.

At the time of any licence or endorsement application, the applicant must be able to show that they are at least 18 years of age and show evidence of their identity.

How Long Does it Take for an Application or Renewal to be Approved?

It should take 15 working days for an application or renewal to be processed, but it is wise to allow a minimum of 20 days for the process to take place. The delay is due to the degree of thoroughness needed to check the criminal record of the applicant.

Renewal notices will normally be sent out to licence holders well before they are due to expire. These notices will be sent out to the address held by the Licensing Authority 56 days before the date of the licence expiry but it is considered the responsibility of the licence holder to renew their licences in time. It is wise to complete the Application to Renew 28 days or more before the expiry date.

When You are From Another State or Territory or New Zealand

You can apply for a temporary firearms or weapons licence if you are from another Australian state or territory or New Zealand and wish to be employed in one or another of the following occupations:

  • Investigator
  • Security worker e.g. bodyguard, consultant, officer, installer
  • Crowd controller
  • Agent for security work

The temporary licence will only be issued for a specific time period and for a specific function.
Holders of an equivalent licence in any other state or territory or New Zealand may also be able to apply for a WA licence.

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