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Cannabis laws in WA

On 1st August 2011 new laws regarding cannabis use came into effect in Western Australia.  The main impetus of these laws is not to criminalise those who have committed what are considered to be simple cannabis offences. As long as the culprit has not tried to sell the drug he or she may only be issued with a Cannabis Intervention Requirement (CIR). 

A CIR requires that the person who is issued with it must undertake, within a 28 day period, a Cannabis Intervention Session (CIS). These can be booked in advance and require no payment. No criminal record is recorded if issued with a CIR.

A CIR is a way of intervening into a drug user and attempting to sway them out of the habit by attending a CIS.

Selling and Manufacturing Cannabis is Illegal

If there is any selling or manufacturing of cannabis it is against the law, including the use of cannabis smoking devices, such as bongs.

Apart from the CIR any other Illegal drug use which includes possession, manufacturing or supplying may attract stiff fines and a spell in prison. The minimum penalty starts at a fine of $2,000 fine which could include up to two years behind bars as well, and up to, a maximum fine of a $100,000 fine with a period in prison of up to 25 years.

Conviction for a drug offence means a criminal record

All those who are convicted of an offence that involves drugs will gain a criminal record.  Anyone who is labelled with a criminal record will find it hard to secure a job, get credit or obtain a visa for overseas travel.

What is the WA Drug Diversion Programme?

If you do have a drug problem and you don’t wish to get caught and gain a criminal record then you should seek help or treatment now before it’s too late. The WA Diversion Program tries to steer drug users away from being labelled criminals by being convicted through the criminal justice system and attempts to secure treatment to reduce drug dependency.

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